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Karen W. Testimonial   Karen W. Testimonial   Karen W. Testimonial   Karen W. Testimonial

Karen W. Testimonial   Karen W. Testimonial   Karen W. Testimonial   Karen W. Testimonial

The crew and guides were amazing. Every single one of them far exceeded my expectations. In particular, I would like to highlight my guide Marco, who was truly exceptional. I simply cannot sing his praises enough. In my twelve years of diving, he is truly one of the best guides I have ever had. Marco demonstrated incredible competence and leadership while guiding a group of very diverse divers. Our group ranged in skill level from a very new diver to a dive instructor, and Marco provided the appropriate level of guidance and instruction for each skill level. He was extremely attentive and somehow was able to track and monitor each diver, no matter their location across the reef. I felt extremely safe and looked after diving under Marco’s supervision. Although I am an experienced and competent diver, there was great reassurance in knowing that Marco had his eyes everywhere, and that he could provide appropriate support if needed.

Marco’s briefings were thorough, informative, and accurate, and he knew every critter underwater. He made sure every diver saw all the critters that were spotted, thus making sure that the keen photographers did not hog a subject forever. Thanks to his skills and guidance, my macro spotting skills greatly improved. I even found my own sailfin blenny!

Marco maintained a very fun and positive attitude throughout the entire trip, which I know is very difficult to do. His job is not at all easy, and to always provide a smile and a laugh is just a wonderful attribute.

I hope Marco’s contributions and unique skillset are recognized and acknowledged by Rocio del Mar – they are so very lucky to have him!

Karen W.
Bend, OR
Explore Baja / Rocio del Mar
October 2022

Steve R. Testimonial   Steve R. Testimonial   Steve R. Testimonial   Steve R. Testimonial

This was an amazing and incredible week onboard El Quino el Guardian in the Sea of Cortez and Midriff Islands! I really love the area and the boat was outstanding. But most of all your crew is unbelievably dedicated to making sure we all had a great experience. Their attention to detail and customer service skills were truly admirable. Moreover, they seemed to share a genuine passion for what they do.

I will gladly come back with friends and recommend your boats to everyone!

Steve R.
Mission Viejo, CA
September 2022

Tres Laura's Testimonial   Tres Laura's Testimonial   Tres Laura's Testimonial   Tres Laura's Testimonial

On behalf of myself and our group, the Great Outdoors Adventures, I just want to say that we had a really great time on the Quino el Guardian!

From start to finish, everything was excellent, and the crew was absolutely fantastic. We loved every one of them! We especially enjoyed the marine conservation education along the way from marine biologist & researcher Sr. Edgardo Ochoa as we visited the Midriff Islands in the Sea of Cortez. It was amazing to see all the biodiversity of marine life species there at each island: lots of beautiful fish, sting rays, moray eels, and octopus, and also pilot whales, dolphins, sea turtles, marlin, and a silky shark, plus our favorite part were all the playful and curious sea lions at Isla San Pedro Martir Marine Reserve! Evo, our panga driver, even saw a family of orcas go by there too. I can honestly say that in the end, none of us wanted it to be over. It was a lot of fun and an epic experience with priceless new friendships and great memories! Thank you so much for everything.

We look forward to coming back and doing it again soon with Mexico Liveaboards next time on the "Southern Safari" in the amazing Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico!

The "Tres Laura's": Laura H., Laura D., Laura C., & Cristina G.
Quino El Guaridan
August 2022

Sudy B. Testimonial

I wanted to tell you about my experience aboard Quino el Guardian on July 17-24, 2022, to the Sea of Cortez/Midriff Islands.

I have done three liveaboards, and Quino el Guardian is my fourth. Qunio was by far the best liveaboard I have been on for many reasons. This is my list telling you why…

Every crew member on the boat, from the captain and engineer (Abraham) to the chef (Miguel) to the dive masters (Emilio and Enrique Manica) to the pangas driver (Jaime), were genuinely real, wanting to make your trip memorable, always smiling and laughing, and helpful. All around, the best crew ever! When I want to dive on Qunio again, I would want all those guys again. I love every one of them.

I loved having Jonathan Lavan on board. What a knowledgeable man! I learned so much about all the sea life. Without him showing me all the neat life below, I would have missed it. I am happy I was on the same boat with him and can't wait to dive with him again.

All the crew were very well aware of me being deaf and would be sure to get my attention so I would know what was happening. It was sooooo relaxing and peaceful.

The dive masters were fantastic. My dive master Enrique was a great diver - so peaceful and smooth. No stress or worry on any of my dives. Emilio gave good advice to me on equipment and other suggestions.

Chef Miguel - all I can say is OMG! Every meal was mouthwatering. So delicious - just a fabulous cook. I don't eat pork or beef, and he did an excellent job substituting those meats for others. Definitely the best chef I have ever had on a boat. I was worried that I had gained 10 pounds. Luckily it was only one pound.

Our panga driver, Jaime - what a sweetheart. Very helpful. He always ensured I would do a backroll simultaneously with the other divers with his hand signals.

There were 3 or four other people on the boat, and I can't remember their names. But they were all equally excellent. I am so glad that Jonathan Lavan set up this trip. I am overwhelmed with what I learned and the kindness of everyone.

Sudy B.
Idyllwild, CA

Alberto Poggio Testimonial   Alberto Poggio Testimonial

I was on Quino el Guardian to the Midriff Islands July 17-24, 2022. I had a great time seeing all the wonderful ocean life in the Sea of Cortez, Golfo de Baja California.

This included the friendliness, knowledge, and professionalism of the crew Los Capi ( Dientes & Teddy), Divemasters (Emilio & Enrique), El Flaco, Sergio, and the Kitchen Wizard - El Chef (Miguel). They made me feel safe and secure above and below the water. I especially enjoyed their frankness as they shared this adventure with us, showcasing "Mejico Lindo" in its splendor. If I miss anybody, please include everybody!! They made my dive trip so memorable!!

I would especially like to thank Jonathan Lavan for promoting your ships and tours that complemented our adventure with his knowledge of the ocean we love!!

Happy Diving!
Alberto V. Poggio
Dana Point, CA

Anna Testimonial   Anna Testimonial

It's been four years since I embarked on my first trip to Revillagigedo with my dad on a citizen science expedition for Stephanie Venables aboard the Quino in May, 2018. I remember pondering heavily before the trip about how it would alter both my perspective and me as a person. From the first moment I saw the glowing white volcanic ash of San Benedicto as the sun rose upon our arrival, I knew this place was special. And when I saw my first oceanic manta ray, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was absolutely hooked.

Meeting Stephanie, now Dr. Venables, and participating in her PhD journey that week inspired me to pursue the exact same thing. I graduated from Rice University in 2019, and enrolled in a marine science master's degree program at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. I lived in the Middle East for two years, and during that time I studied both oceanic and reef manta rays in the Red Sea. I am so proud to tell you that my first lead author research paper on manta rays has been published. I've attached it below if you would like to look through it. My second paper focusing on oceanic manta rays is currently still being reviewed, but I will be so excited to share this with you once it is published as well.

I just wanted to say thank you for incorporating research and science into your liveaboard expeditions and for supporting us scientists in being able to do our research. Because you built up the citizen science program, I was able to join a life-changing trip that propelled me into marine megafauna research.

Now, I am starting my PhD at Florida International University this August, where I will continue to study large tropical marine megafauna, including reef and oceanic manta rays.

Hope all is well with you and I hope to join another trip to Revillagigedo soon!

Anna Marie Knochel
MSc Marine Science, King Abdullah University of S & T
PhD Student Florida International University

Cindy Shaw Testimonial   Cindy Shaw Testimonial   Cindy Shaw Testimonial   Cindy Shaw Testimonial   Cindy Shaw Testimonial

I have been to the Islas de Revillagigedo four times now and always choose the Rocio Del Mar! One trip was on Quino el Guardian and I loved that too. It is the wonderfully warm and efficient crew that beings me back again and again - not just the boat. I was on Rocio's maiden voyage in the Sea of Cortez. Some of the same crew that actually helped build the boat are still on board. I Love you, Everardo and Julio! There is plenty of room for my camera, and the crew takes special care handling it while the divemasters give me the space to set up my shots. Whenever anyone asks, my answer is only Mexico Liveaboards!

Cindy Shaw
Westminster, CA
Rocio del Mar
May 2022

Adriana and Marcela Testimonial

We are on our way home back from our fifth trip to Revillagigedo and what an amazing trip it was!

The boat and the whole crew was as wonderful as usual. A special remark to Leonardo, our group C (AKA Hammer Group) dive guide. He is very responsible, kind and knows the sites very well.. We had the best time diving with him. And Miguel's cooking was fantastic!

Thank you once more and we hope to come back in the near future to do an Explore Baja trip or Southern Sea of Cortez trip!

Adriana and Marcela
Rocio del Mar
April 2022

Meret Testimonial

I just got back from Socorro. I really liked Quino el Guardian - it was simple and cozy. I was astonished by the crew's efficiency. The boat and the bathrooms were always clean. The Chef cooked absolutely delicious food. And there was a selection of movies, too.

My divemaster David really cared about the divers. He knows the dive sites well and I felt comfortable diving with him. Dario was on top of things throughout the trip. You have a good crew.

I look forward to coming back!

Meret W.
Zurich, Switzerland
Quino El Guardian
April 2022

Bobby and Jackie Testimonial   Bobby and Jackie Testimonial

This was one of the BEST dive trips we have ever done! Not only was the diving first class, the crew, food, and accommodations were all incredible! All of the staff could not have been more friendly and accommodating! Our trip was January into February 2022 on Rocio Del Mar and there wasn’t a boring dive to be had. Schooling hammerheads, uncountable mantas, and several friendly meetings with pods of dolphins were just some of the highlights! Thank you all so much for the trip of a lifetime!

Here is a video that we put together of the trip:

Bobby and Jackie
Boston, MA
Rocio del Mar
February 2022

Sara D Testimonial   Sara D Testimonial   Sara D Testimonial   Sara D Testimonial

I can't say enough good things about Mexico Liveaboards! From the moment you start your booking process, to the moment you step off the boat you couldn't ask for nicer people. When on the boat, the crew on the boat is 100% about safety first and then fun! The crew makes you feel at home, coming on boards as strangers and leaving like you've known them for years! And don't even get me started on the food - we're talking 5 star Michelin quality (the carrot soup is to die for)! If you ever do have a problem they're right there to do whatever they can to fix it! I also so appreciate their citizen science trips where you can help scientists with their work, and you can tell the crew is passionate about protecting and sharing their world with you! This is my 6th time on the boat, and I would be hard pressed to ever go on a different liveaboard after diving with these guys! I have never felt so well taken care of and had so much fun as I have on this boat!

Sara D.
Sycamore, IL
Quino el Guardian
February 2022

Jorge R Testimonial

As this was my second trip bringing a group of divers on board of the Quino El Guardián I had an idea of what to expect. We had our same captain, Abraham (aka El Dientes) and Vaquero as panguero. The rest of the group was totally new and they not only fulfilled my expectations but surpassed them. We felt part of the family from our arrival until we sadly and reluctantly left the boat to travel to our home cities.

The food is incredible. And while the boat is not the most luxurious you can easily call it your cozy home for the ten days we were on it. It is a great boat to meet new friends and enjoy the sun deck for sunsets.

As for the diving, Revillagigedo offers one of the best spots in the world. Quino has excellent dive guides. They are very helpful, seasoned, and experienced divemasters and are always trying to help and show you the best of every dive site. We ended the trip with three new friends and can't thank Benjamin, Jerson, and Emilio enough. You did great! We got lucky and saw many mantas, dolphins, tuna, jacks, so many sharks (Galapagos, white tip, black tip, silky, hammerheads) and then we hit the lottery with a whale shark, tiger shark and even a humpback whale! Revillagigedo never disappoints and the only risk of going with Mexico Liveaboards is that you´ll end up hooked and wanting for more. Oh, and you'll be missing the great service on the boat and at every meal, too, thanks to our chef! Thank you Pamplona, Norber, Manuelito (the future divemaster), Vaquero, and Jimmy too.

Jorge R.
Bucea Baja Norte
Tijuana, Mexico
January 2022

Tom H Testimonial   Tom H Testimonial   Tom H Testimonial

I am about to write your crew the best Trip Advisor review I can! From start to finish they made my trip. The diving was some of the best I have ever done. I have over 1000 dives and worked as a divemaster. I have not seen a better crew than yours. Dario, Emilio, and Jerson were the best guides I have ever had in diving. They made it so much fun but at the same time made sure everyone was safe. I would come back just to dive with them. Jerson is the funniest guy ever. I cannot say more about Jorge. He was so polite and professional. I think everything Miguel cooked was amazing. Captain Julio, Allen, Abraham, and Teddy Bear were awesome too! Thanks again. Myself and the other divers are talking about a reunion already!

Tom H.
Philadelphia, PA
Quino el Guardian
January 2022

Raul S Testimonial   Raul S Testimonial

It is difficult to describe how amazing our trip to was to Revillagigedo aboard Quino el Guardian with Mexico Liveaboards. There was nothing we could complain about. The dives are absolutely amazing, the boat, the food, but without any kind of doubt, the crew is the best! They are really good professionals, kind and fun. It was a a pleasure to meet them all. It was a life-changing experience every diver should have. Thank you very much for everything!

Raul S.
President - Club de Buceo U-Natores
Sevilla, Spain
January 2022

Linda M Testimonial

I've logged nearly 1500 dives all over the world and my Dec 2021 trip to the Socorro Islands on the Rocio Del Mar was one of my best trips! I'd been to Socorro in May about 4 years earlier on another boat and enjoyed the trip but our encounters with mantas and dolphins were only brief. This trip blew me away compared to my previous experience. I credit the dive guides and the captain for adjusting our schedule and keeping us right where we needed to be for the best action. We had very close encounters with chevron and black oceanic mantas who played in our bubbles on almost every dive and stayed with us for extended periods of time. Bottlenose dolphins visited us several times and hovered vertically in the water inviting us to interact with them. If we weren't getting distracted by mantas and dolphins, we had lots of shark action (silkies, galapagos, white tips, silver tips, scalloped hammerheads). The shark action highlight for me was frequent sightings of big hammerhead schools in the blue above and below us and a big school crossed in front of us across the reef. The crew was friendly and helpful. The dive guides were just as excited as we were for every dive and worked hard to find the action! Loved the dive style of our guide Ben who knew how to get us to the action without going to fast or having to kick against the current. Ben also took amazing pics underwater which he willingly shared with anyone who wanted them. The food was tasty and plentiful. Beds and cabin were comfy. Highly recommend this trip!

Linda M.
Bellbrook, OH
December 2021

Shelby W Testimonial

I was a guest on the most recent Socorro trip aboard Quino el Guardian, from Nov 21-30, 2021. I wanted to reach out to you directly to let you know how wonderful your entire crew and boat are. Every member of your crew played a part in making this the best birthday and one of the most incredible trips of my life! Dario, Antonio, Kike, Peter, and everyone else on board were so amazing and really went above and beyond for us to have the best experience, pulling off 22 dives. Chef Joshua blew us away with his meals every day, and the always smiling faces of Miguel and Captain Abraham made sure we were having a great time. I found the boat itself to be so comfortable and clean.

We all really enjoyed the interaction and experience of having scientist Deni (Ramirez) onboard, and the presentation on your Heroes Del Mar organization as well really made the trip special. Every piece of the trip truly exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to dive with your team again soon!

Shelby W.
Charlotte, NC
November 2021

Joan C Testimonial

I joined Dr. Deni Ramirez Macias (aboard Quino el Guardian and a citizen science trip to ultrasound pregnant manta rays and whale sharks) to help her tag and identify mantas, and to ultrasound a whale shark. It was a trip of a lifetime! I have done many dive trips but to have a purpose in helping with important research to protect these magnificent creatures added a special purpose to my diving experience. I loved learning from Deni’s lectures and just hanging out and talking around mealtimes. She’s so authentic, passionate, and approachable.

Joan C.
Portland, OR
November 2020

Tara KL Testimonial

The Family Trip was a blast! We knew it'd be fun diving, but the whole trip exceeded our expectations. We had so much fun diving with the playful sea lions, great excitement swimming with whale sharks, and enjoyed everything in-between. The crew was incredibly welcoming and made us feel right at home, and the food was amazing and plentiful. It was particularly nice to see all the kids flock together and entertain each other on deck. Taking kids on the family trip is a great way to introduce them to a liveaboard and was great for all levels of divers. Our kids didn't want to leave and neither did we! The Sea of Cortez is a must-do and the Quino and crew are the way to do it!

Tara K.
Durham, NC
Quino el Guardian Family Trip
August 2019