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In addition to our scheduled trips, both of our vessels are available for custom charters.

Let us be your partner to explore the amazing waters of Mexico both above and below the surface.

We have had the pleasure to host numerous scientific charters as well as television and film crews.

Our experienced and talented crew is at your service.

If you would like to speak with us about a custom charter, please contact:

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Allison Estape Testamonial

We had a very successful scientific trip to the Revillagigedos, and I want to thank you and the crew for working with us. We were able to photo document a large percentage of the fish species, collected a wide range of species for research and museum collections, and will be doing DNA analysis on all of the species collected. Many scientific papers will be published based on what we documented during this trip. As one of the scientists stated, “This was a trip for the history books.”

I want to thank you and the crew for working with us. Everyone on the boat did everything they could to make this trip successful. We tested your team’s flexibility with our requests for dive & snorkel sites, with daily changes to the panga rosters, and with our requests for delaying departure times to allow for processing the collected specimens and for nightly zooplankton collections. Captain Nestor took every request in stride and did his absolute best to get us to the habitats we wanted, and he gave us the extra time needed in the evenings to collect zooplankton and process the specimens.

The dive and panga teams worked with us to provide in-water support and safety. Both Pollo and Mario helped collect specimens (Mario helped the scientific team collect specimens while Pollo helped bag specimens that we snorkeled over to the panga during our clingfish hunts). David and Victor worked hard to keep the dive groups together underwater, helped us find the habitats we needed, and provided in-water safety. They’ve never experienced dive groups like ours, and they were very supportive of our needs.

The onboard staff was very curious about our research and it was a pleasure to see their interest and enthusiasm for our work.

Joshua deserves special recognition for his cooking. We have been on high-end liveaboards that did not match the quality and presentation of the meals Joshua provided. He and Carlos kept us fueled on truly delicious meals. They were very flexible with meal times, allowing us to incorporate extra snorkel collection time and specimen processing time.

This was a very successful expedition, and we truly appreciate your support. Dr. Sanchez is already talking about returning to the Revi’s to fill in missing habitats.

I look forward to diving with you again.

All the best,

Allison Estape
13-Day Expedition to Revillagigedo, including Clarion island
November 2022