Welcome to the Quino El Guardian!

The Quino El Guardian ship layout


Quino el Guardian is approved by the Coast Guard and is highly seaworthy. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and all necessary safety equipment, ensuring your peace of mind during dive expeditions.

90’ with a 23’ beam
Takes 16 divers (can accommodate up to 18 passengers)
5 Cabins
  4 cabins with 4 bunks each (two upper and two lower)
  1 cabin with 2 bunks (one upper and one lower) - typically reserved for a couple
Each bunk has a privacy curtain
Storage drawer for each guest
Rooms assigned by gender
4 bathrooms on the dive deck, each with a full-size shower – one assigned to each cabin so guests can leave their personal items in the bathroom
2 lavatories on the dive deck
Dining room with seating for up to 18 with a projector and drop-down screen for presentations
Comfortable salon with a television and computer station
All areas are fully air-conditioned, including cabins (individually controlled), cabin area, salon, and galley
Shaded sun deck with deck chairs
Fresh water shower on the back deck

All prices are based on quad occupancy


We require all divers to be open-water certified. We strongly advise a minimum of 50 logged dives for Socorro/Revillagigedo.

Our dive decks are well-organized, and each diver is assigned a dive station.

We have a spacious camera table with many power outlets and compressed air.

We provide 80 cubic ft. aluminum tanks that are both DIN & yoke compatible, as well as weights and belts.

We dive from two 18' Achilles inflatable pangas, each with a driver vigilantly looking for bubbles. Getting from the boat to the dive site typically takes just a few minutes. The pangas have sturdy, easy-to-use ladders.

We divide passengers into three groups, each with a divemaster to lead the dives. Each group will dress, receive a dive briefing, put on their gear, and board the panga. Divers enter the water with a back roll. Our crew is happy to help divers with knee or back issues. We dive as a group. At the end of the dive, the panga will come to you. Divers will remove their weight belt and BCD, and the driver will lift it into the boat. Once at the ladder, divers remove their fins and climb into the boat. When the panga returns to the boat, the crew will put your gear away for you. Our crew is happy to hand you your camera.

As diving can be physically demanding, it's crucial that divers are in good health, dive regularly, and have been diving recently. Our divemasters and instructors are guides only and are not responsible for teaching dive skills or looking after guests who do not have basic buoyancy skills. Each diver must understand their diving capabilities and limitations.

If you need additional attention during your diving experience, we suggest booking a private divemaster. You can do this by contacting us at info@MexicoLiveaboards.com.

Quino El Guardian Quino El Guardian @ night Quino El Guardian Quino El Guardian Quino El Guardian Quino El Guardian Quino El Guardian Quino El Guardian - Explore Baja Quino El Guardian - Explore Baja Quino El Guardian Welcome Aboard Hallway to staterooms Hallway to staterooms Staterooms Staterooms Staterooms Staterooms Staterooms Bathrooms Bathrooms Bathrooms Bathrooms Side view Side view Pangas Pangas Pangas Kitchen Dining Room Dining Room Dining Room Dining Room Dining Room Sundeck Sundeck Sundeck Sundeck Sundeck Sundeck Sundeck Salon Salon Salon Salon Dive platform Camera Table and Dive deck Camera Table and Dive deck Camera Table and Dive deck Camera Table and Dive deck Camera Table and Dive deck