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We have been privileged to bring countless visitors to the amazing undersea destinations of Mexico since 2009. Our destinations are Socorro, home to giant manta rays, over seven species of sharks, playful dolphins and huge schools of fish, and the Sea of Cortez, once called the World’s Aquarium by Jacques Cousteau.

Our destinations offer divers unique animal encounters and experiences never to be forgotten. Our amazing crew has guests feeling like family the moment they walk on board. That is why we welcome so many of them back year after year.
Whether you enjoy the private cabins on Rocio del Mar or the incredible value and Citizen Science program offered on Quino el Guardian, guests will enjoy the splendor of our destinations, our delicious food and the personal attention of our crew. 

Rocio del Mar

Rocio Del Mar

Quino el Guardan

Quino el Guardian

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