Mexico Liveaboards - Traveling to Mexico – Tourist Cards

For guests DRIVING into Mexico, (including riding the Head Out To Rocky Point shuttle), you must stop at immigration and purchase a Mexican Tourist Card (FMM). Some refer to it as a visa but it is not officially a visa.

The cost is $36 US in CASH.

Credit cards are not accepted and immigration officials will not give change.

This is not a new law; it has been in effect for years yet it was not often enforced. However it is now and we must provide these to the Harbormaster. If we do not have an FMM for every passenger, the boat cannot leave the port.

Should you lose your FMM, there is a fine of $50 US.

All passengers FLYING into any foreign country, the fee is included in the airfare. Guests will complete the necessary immigration papers on the plane.

You will need to return your FMM Card when you exit Mexico.

More information on this and traveling to Mexico can be found on the following websites:

We look forward to having you on board Rocio Del Mar.